A now retired Los Angeles City Fireman, Mike Pinel established Pinel Plumbing in 1990 to not only demonstrate his knowledge of the construction industry but also provide a secure lifestyle for his family. During his thirty years of service his values of trust, integrity, and fairness have become a staple for his approach as a father and Plumbing Contractor. While, Pinel Plumbing has encountered countless service calls from the basic to extremely complex, Mike’s overwhelming knowledge of the industry has proved immeasurable time and time again. And while Pinel Plumbing has stood the test of time over the past twenty-four years, so has Mike’s mission to provide a suitable lifestyle for his two boys.

More recently, his youngest son Joseph has taken a vested interest in Pinel Plumbing. Providing his knowledge of Construction Engineering Management, technology, and entrepreneurship, Joe works with his father to further Pinel Plumbing’s overall goal of providing a localized and family oriented service.

Pinel Plumbing differentiates itself from the competition by not simply completing a job but creating lasting relationships with each of its clients. On each job, Mike and Joe have created a cohesive plan to deliver superior service and knowledge, all while creating a hassle-free friendly environment. No matter the call, residential or commercial, Pinel Plumbing is equipped to meet your needs at a moments notice. Thank you for choosing Pinel Plumbing.